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CPCLs crude oil pipeline is set to be commissioned in Which Months?
a) November b) December c) September d) August
Answer: December
CPCLs crude oil pipeline is set to be commissioned in December

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd's. 42-inch width unrefined petroleum pipeline from Chennai Port to its Manali refinery is to be appointed soon in the long stretch of December. The refinery's most recent lifesaver will supplant a 46-year-old 17 km-long pipeline that keeps running underneath numerous territories in thickly-populated north Chennai. CPCL Managing Director S.N. Pandey said that every required consent had been prepared and that they were to take unrefined petroleum. The pipeline with best in class wellbeing highlights is mechanically finished. The port side is done and in the plant, all frameworks are prepared to go. The new pipeline has wellbeing viewpoints including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) for observing and control amid task, higher pipe thickness, a canny pigging office for checking pipeline wellbeing condition and erosion observing framework.
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